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Moursy Maya 2022-01-14

I didn't expect that 5G networks can be used even in the deep mountains! One weekend not long ago, the squad leader of a border defense regiment in the Xinjiang Bortala Military Division, the Serik Frontier Defense Company, took out his mobile phone and made a video call with his wife far away in the mainland. . It is understood that before the winter, the living areas of many remote duty outposts affiliated to the regiment have achieved full coverage of 5G network signals. The duty points of the Serik Border Guard Company are scattered in the garrisoned mountainous areas. In the past, the mobile network signal of the outpost station was weak, and officers and soldiers could only rely on a fixed phone to communicate with the outside world. The rest of the signals were blocked by Call Blocking Apps For Cell Phones . Recently, the party committee of the regiment conducted an investigation on the actual difficulties faced by the grassroots officers and soldiers. After learning about the situation, it communicated and coordinated with the local network operator, and solved the network problem by laying communication cables and erecting cell phone jammer . Weak signal problem.

After the full coverage of the 5G network signal, the regiment installed Call Blocking Apps For Cell Phones , mobile phone shielding cabinets and other equipment for work training places such as conference rooms and duty rooms, and implemented the confidentiality requirements in detail. In addition, the regiment also relies on the network platform to provide professional skills training, theoretical knowledge learning and other services for the officers and soldiers of the post, which not only enriches the amateur life of the officers and soldiers, but also helps everyone improve their professional ability and quality, which has been widely praised. With the help of a visual video system, Liao Yan, a soldier on duty, recorded while observing. He told reporters that the company's monitoring and communication systems usually rely on the national grid for power supply. In the event of a power supply interruption, the solar energy storage and power supply system can be used to continue the power supply to ensure the continuous and smooth operation of border defense control equipment. "With the efficient operation of the visual video system, our border defense control has become more efficient, and everyone has more time and energy for learning and training." Fan Chongchong, the company's instructor, said happily.