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Mobile jammers can concentrate on learning

Williams Simon April 25, 2021 10:30

A school in Spokane, Washington, was frustrated by the constant interruption of text messages and calls. They invested in a device that prevented the phone from working. The main reason for this situation is that students cannot concentrate on work during class, but spend most of their time on mobile phones, so they always look for a tool that can block mobile phone signals so that students can concentrate on their studies. Mobile cell phone jammer is a good choice, it can quickly block the phone signal, turn it off when not in use, the phone can restore the signal.

Spokane bought a cell phone jammer online for less than $100 and just completed a three-day trial period to make students feel frustrated when writing texts in the classroom. Director John Hook said: "We just think this is something we want to evaluate." The Mead school district is working with the FCC to determine if the equipment is legal before it can be used again. Interfering devices are turned on during school hours and turned off during traffic hours and lunch breaks. Hawke said: "We believe that during school, parents sometimes need to contact students, and students need to contact family members, doctors, etc." But class time is not one of them. Student policy requires students to turn off their mobile phones and prevent them from seeing their mobile phones during class. But not everyone listened.