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Slot Machine Cell Phone Jammer

Mirolovic Denis 2021-07-24

The mobile phone is essentially a handheld two-way radio Slot Machine Cell Phone Jammer device. As with all radio equipment, the signal may be blocked or interfered. This article will introduce the working principle of the mobile phone jammer and the legality of its use. Interfering with mobile phones is the same as interfering with other types of wireless communications. The mobile phone communicates with its service network through the base station. The base station divides the city into many small areas, called cells. When mobile phone users drive on the street, cell phone jammer The signal is transmitted between different base stations.

The experience of many wars shows that the combat effectiveness of intensive bombing with unguided weapons is extremely low. The development of precision guided weapons has greatly improved the combat capabilities of the air force and artillery. From this point of view, precision guided weapons are undoubtedly sharp spears on the battlefield. However, if there is a gun, there must be a shield. Even if some satellites are lost, the entire system will not be paralyzed. In contrast, wireless voltage systems are more feasible in some cases. Satellite platforms are subject to the maximum power provided by solar panels, the energy that can be provided to the transmitter is limited, and the transmitter power is low. The signals from high altitude and long-distance travel in the orbit are attenuated in space at the same time, and the signal strength is extremely weak after reaching the ground. However, the distance between the ground jammer and the receiver is much shorter than that of the satellite, and a good Slot Machine Cell Phone Jammer effect can be achieved with a lower power, and the cost is lower.