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How to use WiFi jammer to block signal?

Douglas Anthony January 03, 2021 12:30

Today, I will talk about the solution to the WiFi being blocked by the network. Let me talk about the reasons. There are two main reasons. The first reason is that your WiFi password is relatively simple, and it is connected by others. The other way is to use it yourself. For some software such as WiFi master keys, your WiFi password is uploaded to their server and shared by the software. Others connect through this software. When you don’t want to use wifi, you can use a wifi jammer to cut off the signal. This will prevent others from stealing your password.

There are two main methods to solve the problem. The first method is relatively simple, which is to modify the WiFi account password in your router. The second method is to disable the device connected to your router. We first enter our router, There is a list of option clients in the dhcp server. We can click on it to see some devices currently connected to this router, with names, network card mac addresses, ip addresses and other information. Copy the words here to copy the network card mac address, one Will use WiFi jammer to block this device will be used.

Find the wireless network card address filtering option in the wireless settings and enable the filtering option. Then add the mac address of the device network card that needs to be disabled just now, and then save it and it will take effect. At this time, the disabled device cannot connect to its router. You can use these two methods together. In addition, you need to pay attention to the problem of leaking your own data using the app or software.