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Radio And Cell Phone Jammer

Wilkes William 2021-08-11

So, what is the principle of jammers currently used for college entrance examinations? In fact, it is equivalent to when your mobile phone sends and receives information, Radio And Cell Phone Jammer As a super loud speaker, the "noise signal" released is so big that your mobile phone can't hear it, and the "mouth" can't be called the shielding device. To put it simply, working far away from the jammer is not to block the mobile phone signal, but to block the signal. It is equivalent to obliterating useful electromagnetic wave signals in a large number of useless signals. Although a mobile phone is a wireless communication device that is used wherever it goes, there are also invisible wires dragging it, that is, the mobile phone base station. Whether making a phone call or answering a phone call, the first step is to establish contact with a nearby cell phone base station. If you hold a mobile phone in each of your left and right hands, and use the mobile phone in your left hand to dial the mobile phone in your right hand, the electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone is not as simple as passing directly from the left hand to the right hand, but will travel a long way from the left hand phone to hundreds of meters away. Mobile phone base station, and then take a big circle and send it back to the right-hand mobile phone (except for Bluetooth function). This is why not only the examinees in the examination room are interfered with the signal, but also the wireless signals around the examination room are also interfered. Signal Jammer It seriously affects the calls of mobile phone users around the examination room, and the quality of the calls will become very poor. Therefore, once again warmly reminded, for the flowers of the motherland, please bear with me for a few days.

The current domestic signal jammers are not incapable of shielding 5g signals, but some models of shielding instruments do not achieve full coverage of the 5g commercial frequency band. This problem is related to the current incomplete coverage of the Radio And Cell Phone Jammer frequency band. For example, the mobile 5G frequency band is 2.6G, which is the same as its existing 4G frequency band, so even the old model jammer should be able to get it theoretically. However, China Telecom Unicom's 5G frequency band 3.5G is indeed far from the two 4G frequency bands. If the old model jammer is used, there is indeed the possibility that it cannot be shielded. To prevent such cheating incidents from happening again, the most reasonable solution is to develop signal jammers with stronger shielding capabilities and support for more comprehensive shielding frequency bands. In addition, it is also very important to purchase qualified products from regular manufacturers. But is this the core of the problem? Why can a mobile phone be brought into the examination room, why can I take out a mobile phone to take test papers in the examination room, and why can I take out a mobile phone to take test papers in the examination room? These are the crux of the problem! Don't avoid focusing on the most important things, only discussing technology, and avoiding or even neglecting human factors such as ineffective supervision and poor organization. This is the biggest trampling on the public and public opinion.