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GPS jammers can effectively eliminate satellite signals

Perfectjammer 2021-04-01

GPS jammers are devices that can block GPS satellite signals. If each vehicle is equipped with a gps jammer, it can make it impossible for the company to track, locate or manage its entire flight in real time. These small GPS jammers allow users to create RF interference bubbles a quarter of a mile wide around the vehicle, thereby preventing efforts to track their vehicle with GPS signals. Problems arise when the vehicle passes through airports or other facilities that rely on GPS positioning and time.

So, will the deliberate and accidental obstruction of GPS cause an airplane to fall from the sky or a truck to hit a building? Buensel said this is unlikely because most GPS devices that are essential for tasks and life have enough backups to handle intermittent interruptions.

Recent reports from Syria emphasized that they are included in an evolving battlefield. One of the simplest threats to drones is to prevent or prevent them from receiving signals from GPS satellites. This "GPS lock" may have a serious operational impact on military missions, and it may become more and more common. According to an NBC article, the Russians are using GPS to block the smallest reconnaissance plane of the US military.

A quick tutorial in the System Toolkit (STK) explains how to determine if a small handheld GPS jammer will interfere with your mission. You can also determine how spectral filters or adaptive phased array cancellation can counteract this situation, or design new systems that operate in these rejected environments, such as other positioning phenomena, such as celestial navigation.

In September 2017, the situation was equally dire, when SAS and Widerøe aircraft had to use radio signals to navigate when they entered the airspace of Finnmark East due to the loss of GPS. The interference coincided with Russia’s main military exercise "Zapad". GPS jammers emit noise, and although it is a low-power device, it can still effectively cancel the signal from the satellite. The combination of high efficiency and low power makes them a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment, which can be purchased for as little as £15. Each device can be simply plugged into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle, making it very easy to operate.