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The Use Of GPS jammers Is Illegal In Many Countries

Perfectjammer 2020-11-08

According to the "Wireless Communication and Telegraph Act" (2006), intentional transmission in the GNSS frequency band is not authorized or exempt. Therefore, it is illegal to use a bottling jammer device, but do not own it. The report said: "This means that the court must prove its intent to use, which may be difficult." GPS was originally a military system that allowed civilian users to obtain degraded services-with an accuracy of tens of meters-but in 1983, Korean Air Flight 007 was shot down by Russia and accidentally stolen. , Ronald Reagan signed an executive order authorizing civilians to use GPS. The report calls for people to further understand our dependence on global navigation satellite systems; need to protect the GNSS spectrum; improve national risk assessment; and need to provide safeguards such as enhanced low-frequency navigation system (LORAN). Governments, businesses and universities will also need to adopt a more coordinated approach.

We have heard a lot about the Internet of Things, and more and more Internet of Things are connected to the Internet. However, in addition to the fact that these devices have been connected to the Internet, they are also increasingly using different radio frequencies for connection or control. These radio frequencies usually use proprietary or insecure protocols, so it is usually impossible to intercept the signal to destroy the signal, but just block it. A recent case in Manchester shows that our RF addiction can be very vulnerable. In this example, the thief used a simple car lock jammer to break into the car, causing confusion in the parking lot, no one could unlock/lock their car lock and eventually triggered multiple alarms. The operating frequency of car locks in North America is 315 MHz, and in Europe and Asia it is 433 MHz. Although gps jammer are illegal in most countries/regions, in many places, the price of selling these devices at these frequencies is approximately $50 to $200, depending on the range and manufacturing quality of the device.