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In Russia in order to prevent cheating in exams, they mainly install jammers GSM

Perfectjammer 2022/11/04

  When a false signal is sent from the mobile network.In gadgets like the GSMCard Box the size of a credit card, you need to insert a SIM card and keep it at a distance up to 60 cm from the earpiece.But traditional radio channels, as well as 4G and Wi-Fi, are often left out of range of devices.

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  The smartphone is disrupted, and no one can dictate the correct answer to the ticket to you.But in 2020, schoolchildren seem to have a ghostly hope of writing off their smartphone screens.In Russia, to protect against cheating on the exam, they install mainly jammer GSM.The earpiece works with a Bluetooth headset with an induction loop.

  Spoofing, in theory, allows you to work more accurately – block (or not block) only certain smartphones.Mobile signals on the exam are blocked throughout Russia and statistics are collected by region.The technique allows cell phones and communication signals to be detected.The headset can be put in a pocket or worn around the neck like a pendant.

  But this technology is more expensive, so spoofing is usually used not in GSM networks, but, for example, to deceive GPS.This means that you will be able to communicate with the assistant and get answers to the ticket.Another option is arched metal detectors: they are installed in airports and business centers, during meetings and concerts.How it works: the micro-earpiece reads the vibrations of the induction loop of a Bluetooth headset.

  A $ 225 spoofer allows, for example, to change unmanned vehicle route, hijack yacht or drone.The examiner hides a headset with a microphone in his sleeve or wears it around his neck to dictate questions.About half of those who were kicked out for cheating from the screen of a gadget were discovered by artificial intelligence.The flesh-colored plastic or silicone case is almost invisible.