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Russia has the most advanced GPS jamming weapons

Perfectjammer 2019-07-20

Russia's military electronic equipment has been dubbed the "antique", avionics and radar equipment, in particular, has been a lot of Russian weapons buyer ridicule and sarcasm, but American will recent Israeli airport GPS signal is blocked events "behind the" points to the Russia, the Russian army GPS signal jammer is really so strong? According to the U.S. military intelligence service. Russia's GPS jamming weapons have repeatedly prevented their military drones from flying normally

A screenshot of the university of Texas report, which suggests that the source of the interference at tel aviv airport was at the base in hemeim

According to the Israeli times reported Wednesday, since early June this year, tel aviv ben-gurion airport authority began to frequent failure report message from the received pilot malfunctions were interference signal for GPS navigation devices or even completely shielding, because modern civil aircraft is heavily dependent on the GPS global positioning system (GPS), GPS signal is blocked means passenger jet landing in Israel will be affected, especially the most accident landing phase.

As Israel has not yet been able to resolve the problem of GPS signal interruption in tel aviv, the civil aviation authority of Israel has advised the aircrew taking off and landing at ben-gurion airport to use the instrument landing system to complete the approach to avoid a flight safety accident.

In reporting on the GPS signal is shielding failure at the same time, the Israeli times quoted the research data of the a professor at the university of Texas, will interfere with the Israeli airport passenger jet flying electronic jamming signal source pointing at ben-gurion airport 350 kilometers north of the Russian air force in Syria HeMei mihm inside the base. According to a leading researcher professor Todd humphries, his tracking along the east coast of the Mediterranean GPS signal interference problem already has more than a year, in the last year HeMei mihm base after the suicide drone attacks frequently, the pilots to fly over airspace near latakia began to report a GPS signal interference phenomenon, and by the beginning of June this year, the original GPS signal interference phenomenon has been upgraded to completely blocked navigation equipment even the point of being deceived, so that the automatic landing system cannot be used, forced to start using instrument landing system in the Israeli airport. Using international space equipment to track and locate the source of the disturbance, professor humphreys found that the interference signal at hemmeimim was strong enough to be "observable from space", so he claimed that 99% of the GPS signal interference sources at the Israeli airport were located at hemmeimim.

Since Israeli ground GPS users did not report a similar GPS signal failure phenomenon, professor humphreys presumption of Russian army in the use of land or heikki electronic jamming system on the base around the implementation of electronic interference, due to the influence of the curvature of the earth, the jamming signal can't interfere with the GPS terminal on the ground, but the fly in the sky of civil aviation passenger plane is affected by this very serious.

In terms of the ew equipment level of Russian, the Russian troops currently active ew equipment scope in 150-5000 km range, especially deployed in kaliningrad "murmansk - BN" strategy of electronic warfare system, maximum effective jamming range of up to 5000 kilometers, NATO military exercises last year after a collision sinking Norwegian navy missile frigate HMS eng, is the western media as Russia's "murmansk - BN" strategic "results" of electronic warfare system, but so far there is no evidence to show that the accident was the main reason is that the ship GPS navigation system of Russia's interference, Western media reports are pure speculation. In addition, there is no evidence that Russia temporarily deployed in Syria "murmansk - BN" strategy of electronic warfare systems, electronic warfare system deployed in Syria are tactical electronic warfare equipment, range in 150-200 km range, unless special deployment position near the southern Syria, otherwise will not interfere with the tel aviv's Ben gurion airport.

Many people may wonder, if the russians were running their electronic warfare systems all day long, wouldn't Russian military aircraft be disrupted at hememim? As for this issue, Russia is currently using the russian-made glonass satellite navigation system, which does not use the us GPS global positioning system, so Russian aircraft are not affected by it.