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The impact of the rise of amateur jammers on the Russian war

Perfectjammer 2022/07/21

  In recent weeks interference with radio transmissions on Russian military bands has become more widely reported, with do-it-yourself electronic countermeasures (ECM) and pirate signals jamming standard use.As with many other tactics this has been attributed to “Anonymous jammer.”

  In January reported that the enigmatic and infamous Russian shortwave station UVB-76, which has broadcast cryptic number codes for decades, has recently been bombarded with all sorts of memes, including songs like “Gangnam Style” and memes that appear on spectrum analyzer displays.

  The Russian military possesses modern equipment capable of secure transmission, but troops on the battlefield have reached for simpler-to-use but less-secure lines because of uneven discipline across the ranks, an apparent lack of planning for conducting a sustained fight over long distances, and Russian attacks on Ukraine’s communication infrastructure that it, too, has relied on.

  On March 1 more radio recordings were released that show gps jammers interrupting Russian Federation military comms and playing music. Many Russian forces seem to lack encrypted radios, which enables radio hobbyists to listen in and inject their own signals. Day by day, jamming has been intensifying, according to observers.

  The WebSDR website permits tuning into a range of frequencies from various receivers via web browsers. Strange distorted voices and music could be heard via a shortwave receiver run by the ETGD amateur radio club at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

  On the ground, Russia's more experienced electronic warfare units could use a jammer to cut off the drone pilot's communications, interrupt live video and drop the vehicle from the sky, which could force it to retreat.