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The Use Of GPS Jammers In The Navigation Field

Perfectjammer 2020-11-10

Russia has blocked or disrupted important communications with Western forces in recent years, from mobile phone networks during exercises to electronic warfare against US operations in Syria. NATO said Russia blocked GPS signals at the Trident junction of the Far Northeast European Movement in November. The Army will use a system called "climb, navigation and timing or MAPS to ensure positioning" on certain arms of the army-this is the first news reported within the Army. The system uses an anti-spoofing module that has the selective availability of gps jammer. The module is a chip-level atomic clock that can time the tamper-proof antenna to distribute location, navigation and timing information on the antenna. instrument. Mission statement.

In the same year, the same type of activity was discovered in the Black Sea. The RNT Foundation reports that more than 600 ships have been "transported" to land airports. A follow-up report released by the non-profit organization C4ADS in 2019 shows that between 2016 and 2018, the number of cases of fake ships in the Black Sea, Baltic Sea and near Vladivostok in western Russia was nearly 10,000. There is also a strong correlation between the actions of the Russian President. Vladimir Putin and deception. The C4ADS report pointed out a huge Russian "smart GPS jammer" that operates almost continuously in Syria, and its impact extends far beyond the country's borders. According to its definition, the message sent by the smart jammer appears to be a valid GPS signal, but its content does not allow the receiver to calculate the location. Syria’s actions have prompted the US Maritime Administration to repeatedly warn of international waters near GPS jammers, and the European Air Traffic Administration has also warned of the country’s international airspace. Eastern Mediterranean.