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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

The main reason for using a jammer is own safety

Perfectjammer 2022/09/14

  Gps jammers are high-tech devices that block GPS signals. It can send a jamming signal to cover and jam GPS radio waves. In this way, the communication and data transmission between sender and receiver are no longer isolated.

  Note that when you talk about GPS jammers, we‘re not just referring to the widely used navigation systems in North America, but also Galileo in Europe and GPS GLONASS in Russia, because our GPS jammers can block all of them.

  With this concept in mind, let us learn more about how to benefit from using them.

The main reason for using a jammer is own safety

  The main reason why people use GPS jammers is for safety. If someone is following you, you can use a GPS interceptor to get rid of it. Criminals usually keep a tracking device in their car. It could be a small lighter, a pen, a sticker, etc. You probably didn't know you had a tracker in your car. Some criminals even work with hackers to get into your smartphone; as long as you carry your phone, they will know your real-time location. All this made it difficult for them to escape surveillance.

  However, no matter how advanced the tracker is, GPS tracking is completely dependent on the GPS signal.GPS jammers will kill them. When you turn on the jammer, it blocks all GPS signals and the satellites cannot be recognized because the signals from them are already blocked by the jammer.

  Some people use GPS jammers for financial reasons. Some car rental companies charge customers according to the distance they drive. They get kilometer data from GPS monitoring. Are you clear?

  Before using a GPS jammer

  GPS jammers are very easy to use. You do not need to set up any complex configurations. But at some point, you have to be careful.

  Most signal jammers, including GPS jammers, have a variety of built-in features. They usually block more than one signal frequency. For example, most of our GPS jammers can also block cell phone or Wi-Fi signals at the same time. When you activate the jammer, all signals will disappear. But the good news is that our antennas are individually designed, which means you can disable any features you don‘t need by removing these antennas.

  Trust me, you don't want to use GPS jammers near the airport. Gps interference will greatly affect the operation of the airport, you will encounter big trouble. So don't take any chances.

D4 Handheld Portable Drone Signal Jammer

Portable UAV Jammer

Portable drone jammer. Compared to other drone jammers, this jammer is lighter and smaller. You can easily take it anywhere and no one knows you're using a jammer at work. As an excellent drone jammer, this device can effectively jam 2.4g and 5.8g glonass and GPS signals. Effective range up to 250 meters. Can effectively jam UAV drones, such as Dji Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard series, Inspire series.


Desktop Jammers

E08 Powerful 8 Bands GPS WiFi 3G 4G LTE Blocker

This product is AMAZING !!! Before we bought this device we were receiving anywhere from 15 to 25 robo calls a day. It was very frustrating and we even considered cancelling our home phone. After we use this cell phone jammer we actually thought that our phone had gone dead. The silence was deafening :-) That's all there was to it. We wish that we had purchased this much sooner...

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