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How to realize and apply radar jamming

Perfectjammer 2019-04-06

It is well known that radar is widely used in modern warfare. It is because of radar that electronic warfare can be carried out. Therefore, the jamming and anti-jamming of radar is the key of modern electronic warfare. The key to jamming radar is GPS jammer. This jammer is one of the most widely used jammers in modern electronic warfare. Currently, China, Russia, the United States and other countries are actively researching the device

Therefore, the deception jammer can match its operating cycle to the operating cycle of the victim radar instead of using the 100% duty cycle required of a noise jammer. To be effective, a deception jammer's power requirements are dictated by the average power of a radar rather than the peak power required for a noise jammer. In addition, since the jammer waveform looks identical to the radar's waveform, it is processed like a real return. The jamming signal is amplified by the victim radar receiver, which increases its effectiveness. The reduced power required for effective deception jamming is particularly significant when designing and building self-protection jamming systems for tactical aircraft that penetrate a dense threat environment. Deception jamming systems can be smaller, lighter, and can jam more than one threat simultaneously. These characteristics give deception jammers a great advantage over noise jamming systems.