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Israeli railways install GPS surveillance to protect GPS positioning systems​​​​

Perfectjammer 2022/08/11

  The Israeli government considers the repeater's resilient PNT capabilities to be a necessary enhancement to critical infrastructure. InfiniDome's monitoring technology detects and alerts operators to threats and disruptions in GPS signals. Such deliberate jammer gps interference is probably more common around Israel than anywhere else in the world due to conflicts in neighboring Syria and Russia, as well as coercive and frequent Russian-backed interference.

Israeli railways install GPS surveillance to protect GPS positioning systems​​​​

  GPS repeaters from infiniDome Ltd. will be deployed by Focus Telecom at over 30 railway stations in Israel, providing accurate indoor positioning services in all locations for the new Israel Railways ticketing application. In March 2121, the Israeli Ministry of Transport expanded the payment methods for train tickets to include a mobile payment app.

  An integral part of the project is a monitoring service that detects and provides alerts in real-time when any GPS outages or interference are identified.

  GPS data is simultaneously transmitted over a digital cellular data link to infiniCloud, a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution that gives users access to real-time and statistical data on GPS jamming attacks and continuous GNSS monitoring data, such as in this area experience. infiniCloud monitors the health of GNSS signals and provides instant alerts for early detection and immediate response to attacks on critical assets, whether they are mobile or mobile.

  A GPS repeater consists of an active outdoor GPS antenna mounted on the roof of a building and a repeater unit with a built-in passive antenna to retransmit GPS signals indoors. The repeater transmits the coordinates of the outdoor antenna, not the location of the repeater itself.

  All GPS signal data and its guaranteed integrity are available as real-time data, so Israel Railways can react immediately and reduce network downtime.