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Manually adjust the working frequency range of the GPS jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/08/27

  The U.S. Department of Transportation hosts a workshop on GPS harassment and fraud in the marine environment. Speakers include Diana Fuchtlot, Maersk Line Captain, Assistant Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology; and representatives from the National Safety Council, the Maritime Administration, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Manually adjust the working frequency range of the GPS jammer

  Ships in Russian waters are disguised as inland airports, ships in Chinese ports are reported to be inland and maneuvering inside government buildings, and ships in parts of the world broadcast their positioning circles thousands of miles away in Northern California. The three highest cases offered in recent years. The U.S. Coast Guard lists GPS signal interference as an "urgent problem" for the IMO.

  While GPS jammers and fraud are a problem in many areas of transportation and critical infrastructure, they are often most pronounced in maritime transport. This is because automatic identification systems (AIS) used for collision avoidance and traffic management on large ships transmit position data based on GPS output. These transmissions are received by coastal networks and satellite systems. AIS data is often charged or easily accessible to the public.

  Since the GPS system is already in place, it helps us a lot. Based on the GPS system, we have developed many devices to assist our military use and life. But GPS systems also pose a very dangerous threat to us, which can easily reveal our location.

  Anyone can easily find our location by putting a small GPS device in our car or even in our pocket. To protect ourselves from legitimate tracking risks, we need GPS jammers. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight, you can take the jammer anywhere. If this is your first time using jammers, you should notice that they are very easy to use and operate - just press the ON button to start the mission and protect yourself.