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The jamming incident occurred during a military exercise

Perfectjammer 2020-09-24

Oslo-Norwegian foreign intelligence agencies expressed further concerns about GPS jammers in northern Oslo on Monday, as Oslo again accused Russia of taking "unacceptable" actions.

The intelligence agency stated in its annual national risk assessment report that since 2017, accidents have occurred frequently and GPS signals have been prevented from taking off from Russian territory in the Norwegian region near the border between Russia and Russia.

Jammer incidents usually coincide with military exercises on Norwegian soil, such as NATO’s Trident Junction exercise last fall and the deployment of British attack helicopters in Norway in mid-January. Train in arctic conditions.

The head of the intelligence department, Morten Haga Lund, said in the introduction of the report: "This is not only a new challenge for Norway and its allies in training operations."

jamming incident occurred during

"Among other things, gps jammer pose a threat to civil air transport and police and health operations in peacetime."

Defense Minister Frank Barker-Jensen said that Norway has repeatedly raised this issue with the Russian authorities and is cooperating with other Nordic countries to collect as much information as possible.

He told TV2 Nyhetskanalen TV channel: "The important thing is... to be clear that this is unacceptable."

In November, neighboring Finland summoned the Russian ambassador to Helsinki in response to allegations that Moscow disrupted its territories' geolocation signals during the Trident Junction exercise.

Moscow considers these allegations to be groundless.