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WiFi networks can be destroyed using GPS jammers

Perfectjammer 2021-04-01

In timing applications, Wi-Fi blocking programs can corrupt GPS signals, causing the underlying system to lose the ability to synchronize its internal clock, and thus lose the ability to synchronize with the rest of the network. Since many critical infrastructure departments require the synchronization of the entire network to be within one millionth of a second, even a short-term GPS interruption will have a significant impact. To make matters worse, when an outage occurs, there is usually no indication that it is caused by traffic jams. No longer receiving GPS signals at all.

Ch Supt Gavin Thomas, chairman of the Police Officers Association of England and Wales, suggested in an interview that Wi-Fi blocking programs (devices worn on ankles or wrists to block the Internet) can be used as a more sensible punishment for computer crimes. prison. He said: “We must stop using 19th-century punishments to deal with 21st-century crimes.” This applies to both full-spectrum blockers/modifiers and Wi-Fi-based “rouge mitigation” strategies, which use Cancel the authentication packet to flood the hotspot and its clients to disable the hotspot.

If you want a gps jammer, you can even completely disable the SSID, it will break all WiFi networks within range of that blocker and anything else that uses the same spectrum (many things use 2.4 and 5 GHz-including most cordless phones ).

GPS rejection has become a major problem for US military planners. Companion countries, especially Russia, have applied GPS deception and deception tactics in various training activities near their own borders. We have discussed this situation in depth before, and I suggest you read this article to understand the possible impact and consequences of the loss of reliable GPS data by the United States and its allies during the war. Overcome such a huge obstacle.

The fact that the Department of Defense will perform extensive GPS lock-in operations in this advanced exercise further proves the threat posed by these emerging electronic warfare tactics. It is interesting that after the exercise, does the US Air Force admit that the technology is actually used for the red flag, but considering that a large number of positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) technologies are being developed, I hope it will help you in order to overcome GPS in battle In the next few years, such warnings in large-scale military exercises may become more and more common.