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Geographic impact of GPS jammers on trade and use

Perfectjammer 2022/08/13

  GPS interference is no longer confined to conflict zones or adjacent areas, but can become a common problem in all locations. Destruction occurs not only in conflict zones and territories, but also in domestic areas.

  The geographic and geopolitical implications of critical infrastructure protection are further complicated by the increased manufacture, trade and use of privacy-seeking GPS jammers.

Geographic impact of GPS jammers on trade and use

  While technical studies are very useful, they often do not delve into the geographic and geopolitical implications of jamming and deception.

  To deepen our understanding of the potential and impact of GPS jammers, further research is needed on the geographic impact of jamming the manufacture, trade and use of devices, as well as the potential for smuggling and assembly of their components between countries.

  Complacency can arise if vulnerability assessments are limited to critical infrastructure near adjacent borders. There is always the possibility of military GPS jammers targeting target locations from ships or aircraft, or smuggled into territory as parts and reassembled.

  The situation is further complicated by the use of privacy-seeking gps jammer devices. It is impractical for critical infrastructure managers to establish physical distancing sufficient to mitigate disruption, especially in densely populated urban areas.

  More research is needed on the socio-technical forces of jammers' device needs, especially the relationship between GPS dependence and the forces that want to exploit that dependence.

  It's unclear whether jamming and disorienting smart weapons by placing GPS jammers on targeted buildings is effective, but Russia's Pole21 initiative suggests it's a defense option still under consideration.