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Enemy Jamming Threats in Electronic Battlefield Environments

Perfectjammer 2022/09/26

  The United States has traditionally received advice from Northrop Grumman to develop early EW applications to support EW. Two applications were submitted to prove that communications were blocked.

  The United States accompanied Northrop Grumman in announcing that it has submitted a bid for the maturity stage of the Navy‘s next-generation jammer technology.

  Mts has filed a complaint against Iran over one of the satellite communications users, Eutelsat. The Navy's jamming technology is designed to deal with the threat of the enemy in the modern electronic battlefield environment.

Enemy Jamming Threats in Electronic Battlefield Environments

  “The first shot in combat is no longer bullets, but electrons,“ Stephen Hogan, vice president of information operations and electronic attack at Northrop Grumman, said in a statement.

  “We see how the Russians use electronic attacks in Georgia, and we see every day how terrorists operate, using purchased electronic equipment to harm our soldiers and pardoned civilians.

  The United Nations telecommunication organization declared that the communication barrier set by Iran to satellite communication was illegal. The Alq-99 is a pre-digital technology that must be updated with next-generation functionality.

  The International Telecommunication Union blames Iran for all the obstacles. The Navy is applying to replace the current ALQ-99 jamming crew under the name of the Operational Procurement Agreement.

  The European Community condemned the Iranian authorities for their actions in censoring the internet. In addition, the united nations also asked Iran to remove military signal jammer gps.