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Why we need use a GPS jammer?

Perfectjammer 2019-03-26

GPS jamming is increasingly common. It’s of particular concern for maritime authorities, as ships rely on GPS for accurate positioning information. So it’s been much studied; in 2014, a Master’s-degree thesis on jamming in the high north was published (urther reading), and GPS World, a professional journal, has devoted several articles to GPS jamming, including the one described here. Today we talk about the impact of GPS on the national defense force

GPS has become an essential part of national and international infrastructures, so jamming GPS has become part of electronic warfare. According to a December 2018 article in the South China Morning Post, Earth and Planetary Physics, a Chinese professional journal in English, has recently published a description of a project by China and Russia to warm the atmosphere in ways that will jam GPS signals (further reading).

Of course, there are pros and cons. With the development of GPS, more and more people use the function of GPS for crime. For example, GPS tracking. We often see spies in movies installing GPS trackers on their cars. And it has become a reality. It happens every day in the United States and Japan. That's why we need GPS jammer for privacy and security.

Knowing that it is a GPS positioning device, we can use this product to know exactly where we are. GPS has many uses, such as navigation. However, there are a lot of bad guys you know or use it to do wrong. Once tracked, property and even personal safety are at risk. GPS captures three or more stationary satellites and knows their location, but in order to know the location of the remote location, it is compared with the phone's location confirmation and overlaid on the map, so stop the GPS mobile jammer. However, if the phone is turned on Once powered on, the location of the cell phone repeater is known, so the location information cannot be erased unless the cell phone or the relay box mounted on the vehicle is turned off.