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Not telling employees that GPS tracking devices are installed on work vehicles

Perfectjammer 2022/09/08

  One company installed GPS tracking devices in their work vehicles without telling employees.Is there a way to stop the GPS signal?

Not telling employees that GPS tracking devices are installed on work vehicles

  Judging by the problem, the company seems to be spying on its employees without them knowing.Therefore, if the signal is blocked, they will not be able to take disciplinary action without confirming the presence of spy equipment.

  If someone is monitoring your location and tracking your location without your permission - I think the correct English term is tracking, which is illegal. However, if the company discloses the fact that they will be using GPS trackers as part of safety, insurance or efficiency monitoring and you have a contract and need to defraud the job and the company by using their car for personal use, I Such activity is not supported and my answer does not work on it.

  The actually has two signals available.

  1 )are the GPS signals themselves, which are obtained from satellites and determine their position.This signal will still send data, but it has no coordinates.

  The gps jammer can block this signal and does not allow position acquisition.But such jammers are illegal, and it's easy to find and prove you used them.If there is no damage, a fine of $500 will be imposed.If a jammer interferes with airport equipment, roadside automatic weather station or blind personal positioning equipment, be prepared to go to jail.They can be used to plan activities to get companies to admit that they are tracking vehicles.

  2) covering the antenna of the GPS unit with a layer of conductive ground to prevent the signal from passing through.To do this, the GPS tracker must be physically accessible and have room to install such a lid.Good luck! Modern GPS trackers are only half the size of matchboxes and can be installed in millions of places in cars.I see a mounted side turn signal lamp assembly. The usual places are: GPS tracker built into the alarm module, car stereo, company issued tablet or car computer (like taxis), inside lights (any lights, front and rear lights, overhead lights, turn signals, trunk lights), Below the fuse box or inside the fuse box ($40 on ebay for a fuse with an integrated GPS tracker),The car rental company's favorite is the inside electric rearview mirror.If you find it, there might be a backup,

  If the company does not disclose the existence of a GPS tracker, you can remove and discard it at any time.You don't know they exist, so you can't blame it.Or add an electricity bank and mail it to someone in Russia or China.I'm sure stalkers will have an interesting reaction when they see how cars cross the ocean and enter another country.

  finding the GPS is the hard part. To do this, you need to know your car well, take it apart, find the extra parts, and put it back together again.Another way to get a GPS error detector, $20 from ebay won't work, they'll just indicate a GPS device in range, but won't point directly at it.Professional testing equipment costs about $1,000-$1,500, and requires special licenses and skills to use it.You can hire a company to do this, but they will require proof of ownership or a court order.

  If the device is found and you want it to keep running, but giving wrong data, it can be done by getting GPS signal emulators, these things are used by hobbyists or device developers.The problem is it's not a wireless device.It must be physically connected, not a GPS module. So in order to use one of these, you‘ll need to find the GPS tracker, take it apart, find the GPS chip, take it off, solder the wires of the GPS emulator, then connect it back together and use it.The GPS simulator can generate any coordinates you want, from Africa to Australia.