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Russian gps jammer electronic warfare

Perfectjammer 2022/08/09

  Both China and Russia sell GPS jammers. In 2008, China released a powerful vehicle-mounted GPS jamming system. These "GPS jamming vans" are designed to create a protective "bubble" in the area where the van is located. Saddam is believed to have purchased some GPS jammers to counteract the US JDAM GPS smart bombs a year before his invasion of Iraq in 2002. It's no secret that JDAM has a backup INS, and Iraq's GPS jamming efforts had no major impact on the 2003 campaign.

  The usual response to GPS jamming is to bomb jammers, which are easy to find.Jamming is more of an annoyance than a threat, and most military equipment comes with electronics and other upgrades to defeat it.

  Over the past few years, there has been mounting evidence that Russia routinely jams or spoofs GPS signals, mostly to hide the exact location of key figures or military units. The development of such equipment is easily within the capabilities of Russia.

  Not only US GPS, but also signals from non-US satellite navigation systems. Much of this activity is not direct interference, but deception. This is apparently an attempt to hide the true location of key Russian officials and the Russian military. Identity theft is especially common for Russian troops in Ukraine and Syria. Spoofing replaces real satellite signals with fake satellite signals that present an inaccurate smart bomb or planned attack on a target.

  While the U.S. military has yet to experience battlefield gps jammer, the threat is there. Currently, the U.S. military can experience this in Ukraine and Syria. This jamming technique is also present in Iraq and Afghanistan.