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Impact of high-tech jammers on mobile phones

Perfectjammer 2020-06-08

I am in favor of installing jammers in the prison. ”Like other attorney generals such as Christiane Taubira, the new seal hunter François Bayrou responded on Tuesday to the phenomenon of cell phones in BFMTV and RMC prisons. On social networks Photos posted by superior supervisors, photos taken by prisoners in cells in swimming pools or smoked marijuana... Although the authorities have managed to curb this practice, this problem has been going on for several years. Since 2002, the The law allows jammers to be installed in prisons. According to our information, French prisons currently have 804 devices. Question: Compared with the development of mobile phones, the technology is usually outdated. The Ministry of Justice has provided 3 million euros for upgrades and purchases A new generation of portable jammer.

The testing of this new technology is in progress, and its final phase began in early June and then went into operation in early 2018. This investment by the prison administration is a response to the increasing number of cell phone seizures in mobile phones. In 2014, the number of applications exceeded 27,520, compared with 33,521 in 2016. Although Article 57 of the 2009 Prison Law (including the 2009 Decree) canceled the systematic comprehensive search for visitors returning to their rooms, the application was Presented in 2014. Prison guards regret the phenomenon. CGT Prison Secretary Christopher Dorangeville (Christopher Dorangeville) pointed out: "The use of mobile phones in prison is one of the disasters that have existed for many years. This is a real problem." He emphasized the information security problems that troubled the agents. He said: "Today's problem is that prisoners are taking pictures with their mobile phones." Images or videos that can be sent outside, including prison managers, and information about security systems or possible cell extraction to help escape. In the case of terrorist threats, although prison detention seems to have intensified some people, the Ministry of Justice does not seem to favor this solution. But the use of jammers made the judiciary shine. The former attorney general Jean-Jacques Urvoas announced in October last year plans to ensure prison safety in the fight against terrorism. The plan saw a high The interference caused by technology to the mobile phone, and intensified the search in front of 210 agents in the regional intervention team to find the target area. improve. It also provided 22 computer experts, specializing in computer searches of detainees' computers.