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What is the strength of the mobile phone jammer?

Perfectjammer 2021-02-07

Based on your experience, I believe that many people have experienced this experience, and I have experienced it. When we watch a movie or other people's phone, speaking loudly has a great influence on our viewing, and it is easy to destroy the atmosphere and suffer deeply. I am very angry with these things, but until I use a portable mobile cell phone jammer, I can't do anything about it. When I walked into the movie theater, I turned on the cell phone jammer. They were watching a movie, and they didn't receive a call or talk loudly on the phone. The whole process went smoothly and the viewing experience was great. If a movie theater is installed, you do not need to bring your own equipment.

The number of antennas is related to the strength of the mobile phone jammer and the type of interference signal. If you observe the patient's signal jammers on the market, you can usually easily find them in the classification ofjammers. Almost all designs are multi-antennas, and are rare in most desktop, handheld portable devices. But in some other categories, you will see this kind of larger size, no antenna design,signal jammers, and their functions are even more powerful than various antennas and have a wider range of use. It is not difficult to find that the multi-antenna mobile phone signal jammer faces the corresponding signal frequency band, connects the corresponding antenna, and interferes with the corresponding frequency band signal.

Interfering signals cause a certain frequency band in an area to be unable to receive and receive normal signals, such as campus cell phone jammers and wartime radio jammers. During the working process, the shielding layer will be scanned at the low end of the channel at a certain speed. The scanning speed can be used to generate random interference in the receiver's signal. The mobile phone cannot detect normal data from the base station, and the mobile phone cannot connect to the base station. The performance of mobile phones is the search network, no signal, no service system and other phenomena.