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Jammers Make Personal Privacy Safer

Perfectjammer 2022/08/19

  If you think that expensive GPS jammers can keep your car 100% safe from all kinds of thieves and hijackers, and also give you multiple options for controlling your vehicle, you're probably wrong.

Jammers Make Personal Privacy Safer

  A smartphone or simply a cell phone can be used as a car alarm remote, but keep in mind that these modern smartphones are vulnerable to all kinds of hacks and attacks. That's why using your mobile gadget as a car alarm remote isn't the best idea. The GPS car jammer has many advantages, it completely disables all code capture devices used for vehicle hijacking.

  Google's augmented reality glasses, so-called Google Glass, are hugely popular among tech enthusiasts and those who like modern, fun gadgets. However, some people are concerned about their privacy. If gadgets can become widespread, we'll all be subject to hidden video surveillance. That's why even large communities are trying to limit these glasses in public spaces.

  The Google Glass demo showed it was a very modern and completely secure device with a portable jammer for information protection, but many believed it would pose a lot of privacy concerns. Google Glass allows its owners to transparently capture and store videos and images, eavesdrop on people, and instantly send all collected data to social networks. Another privacy concern here is that Google Glass allows you to automatically identify a person in a crowd and make all their data available through the social network.

  A simple and completely real case of hijacking was reported using a simple Android app at the "Hacking" conference in Amsterdam. In the session above, it was demonstrated how the whole process works, with full control of the aircraft from an Android smartphone. However, any phone with an Android OS can be used to create video clips, as long as the Android OS is one of the most vulnerable to malware.