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Jammers become a magic weapon for schools to maintain order

Perfectjammer 2020-06-08

In front of a middle school in central Paris, the students interviewed did not seem to be impressed by the measure. "I don't know how it will work. Who will take the phone, where to put the phone... How will we take it? A 13-year-old boy asked. In another facility, 12-year-old Mathilde said:" Is absurd. At my school, we do not use cell phones during classroom or breaks. So what's the problem? If someone is caught while chatting on the phone in the bathroom or during lunch break, the phone will be immediately detained and the student will be arrested. Although these practices are a bit surprising, the effect is quite obvious, and few people open it during school hours Mobile phones, but why schools do not use signal portable jammer to solve this prominent problem. "

Parents don't look more excited. Sabine said: "This may be a good idea when the children are at school, but they can't stop them from bringing their mobile phones to them." "My daughter goes to school and comes back alone, at this time of the year late at night , So I hope she can bring her phone. This is reassuring. She added: "But rather than being banned, is it better to install a signal phone jammer in the school? "Banlanquer has advised schools to install phone lockers, although many urban schools do not have space for them to use. "Should we turn the school into a huge locker? "Vincent asked." The Parents Association emphasized that any ban would cause serious logistical problems. "How will the school keep the phone?" How do you ensure that the phone is returned to the owner after class? Ask Gérard Pommier, president of the Public School Parents Association. The authorities are currently investigating how to implement the mobile phone ban.