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GPS jammer control regulations and quality

Perfectjammer 2021/05/07

Wars in the 21st century have become very dependent on real-time communications with troops of all sizes, so it is not surprising that every soldier has developed satellite jamming capabilities. Whether it is communicating with global naval warfare groups or communicating with special forces behind enemy lines, satellite communication is the most reliable method for coordination, real-time access to mission-critical intelligence and sharing information about enemy actions and actions. The ability to jam the enemy’s satellite communications link is considered a highly strategic priority, so that the first weapon acquired by the newly formed US space force is a satellite gps jammer. Satellites responsible for continuous coverage of most areas of the earth must be placed in orbits of sufficiently high altitude. Therefore, although their position can be determined (in essence, they are geostationary satellites, so their position relative to the earth is fixed), it is a challenge to directly physically locate them at such a high altitude. To focus on it is much more efficient to interfere with the signals they transmit.

Geographically speaking, interference markets are diverse and cover many areas. It is also heavily influenced by geopolitical trends, movements and relations between nations. For example, in the past few years, Japan, China, and North Korea and South Korea's interest in jamming technology has increased dramatically. This growth can be attributed to territorial disputes in the region and North Korea's unstable political system.​​​ Overall, the United States is one of the largest interference technology markets. For a long time, the US military has been known for its innovation and specialization, especially in the fields of surveillance and security. The support of these technologies in North America has allowed them to grow at an alarming rate. In recent years, the types of innovations supported by the US military have also directly sponsored the development of smart and portable GPS jammers. The fact that jamming technologies are often used in military applications means that quality and supplier control are highly correlated throughout the market. In many countries/regions, GPS jammers are subject to strict regulations and quality controls. Such laws directly affect the products that suppliers can operate and the sales scope of such products.