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Use GPS jamming Against Illegal Government Tracking

Perfectjammer 2022/07/08

  Let’s not kid ourselves. The Government tracks us constantly. Deep down, we are aware of that but there are no ways to prove it. It is a breach of our own privacy. plus, there are ethical and legal issues at stake here since gaining access to this kind of data can reveal so many intimate details about our private life than we might initially think.

  By tapping into our phones and their location, the Government can learn our behavior including clues to our social networks, sexual relationships, political activity, religious convictions, and physical movements over previous hours, days, months, and even years.

Use GPS jamming Against Illegal Government Tracking

  A recent example of this is the Coronavirus and the privacy concerns surrounding the tracking of infected people and their whereabouts so that others can be alerted so as to avoid getting in contact with the former group.

  As much as this might sound a commendable effort to fight the spreading of the Coronavirus outbreak, we all know that the information gathered can and will be used against us at a later stage when all of this is over.

  That’s where a GPS jammers can be helpful. A portable jammer will always come in useful when you suspect that there is illegal tracking being carried out against you from Government officials.