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Jammers are not always that effective

Perfectjammer 2020-09-29

His name is Jean-François, but he refused to give his last name. The sportsman in his fifties still wears a suit and tie and claims to be a former general intelligence. Now he works at Magnum Telecom, a company that specializes in online sales of portable jammers.

Since a few news articles were published a few weeks ago, these devices have achieved great success. "We increased from 50 orders to 300 monthly orders within a few days," Magnum Telecom explained. Jean-François said: "People are fed up with shameless people." He refers to "doctors, lawyers or teachers" who face customers or talkative students. He recalled that the jammer will also be successful in the "official service" because "the bomb is triggered by a mobile phone."

The simplest model was sold for 150 euros in the form of a small black rechargeable plastic box with a switch. Pierre-Yves Daumas, founder of Universal Telecom, explained: “Once activated, it will broadcast to offset the radio waves emitted by the mobile phone.”

New fiasco

To prove the effectiveness of the cell phone jammer, Jean-François made an appointment on a platform of the Paris Metro. He walked up and down, with his hands in his jacket pockets, ready to trigger the mechanism when someone showed up during a phone conversation. However, on the dock, the number of unrepentant speakers was less than he thought. Before hung up quickly, some people were satisfied with making a cautious call. A new attempt at Montparnasse in the station maze. A young woman seemed to tell her interlocutor her entire life. The box is activated, but will not disturb unknown items. Jean-François promised, "You have to wait a while for the waves to reach the goal."

It is now a cafe terrace. The jammer is on the table. At a height of 3 meters, a traveler detailed her stay in Paris by phone. New fiasco. Jean-François blamed this on "the powerful relay station of the Montparnasse Tower".

At Universal Telecom, Mr. Daomas admitted that jammers are not always effective. He admitted that small devices "have stronger interference with newly used laptops than old laptops, which send out stronger signals," while ensuring that "only 5% of buyers say they are experiencing difficulties." Nicolas Allard, the founder of Shopinnov.com, assured people that a more efficient model installed in a restaurant or meeting room "can climb up to 40 meters."

If these items are sold completely free of charge in France, their use is prohibited by law. Only theaters and prisons can install them. In fact, exhibitors did not seem to overuse them. "We want to remind the audience a little humor at the end of the show, and then turn on their phones again." Benoît Betchen, the head of the cultural center who testified, has 500 locations in Caudry in the north.