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Mobile Jammers Will Prevent Malicious Data Consumption

Perfectjammer 2020-12-05

There are not many apps on the market now, and many apps will maliciously consume our traffic. We have checked the app at perfectjammer.com and may tell you that it will be able to hide your wireless traffic. But there are a few things to keep in mind. Basically, it hides all useful services in 2.4 GHz noise and hides it in the service area of ​​the signal. The main disadvantage here is the huge loss of speed. Moreover, the rabbit only maintains the connection between the two devices, it will create some kind of dark web, and it will also consume your data greatly in the background. Experts recommend using mobile cell phone jammer to interrupt their connection. They are not smart. Connect with yourself.

You should also know that Wi-Fi is really fragile and it would be cool to avoid using it in the enterprise market segment. And Bunny cannot grant full protection from various hackers, because it just masks the traffic and makes it more difficult to detect, but it is not impossible. Remember, this traffic can also be intercepted, so we need to always have a portable mobile Cell Phone Jammer so that our traffic will not be maliciously intercepted.

Another problem here is that Bunny still cannot be used on smartphones or tablets. We recommend that you avoid using them to connect to company networks. Smart phones are indeed vulnerable to attacks. Someone may invade them and launch mid-level attacks on the company's wired security network. In that case, classic powerful Wi-Fi signal jammers would be better because they can limit the propagation of Wi-Fi signals and keep those signals from being interfered.