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The portable jammer sends the signal to the receiving area of ​​the phone

Perfectjammer 2020-11-01

What do you know about spurious signals called "complaints", wireless alarm systems or GSM connections (necessary to send alarms to ancillary services)? How much technical knowledge is required? Therefore, from the beginning: the destruction of the radio network is punishable: the distribution, possession and use of electrical equipment (GSM cell phone jammer) that prevent radio communication is prohibited. In view of the protection objectives of the "Federal Radio Systems and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Act" (FTEG) of the Official Gazette II 134/2001 and the electromagnetic compatibility regulations of the Federal Register II 2006 issued on May 29, 2006, it is highly appreciated and sold to the Austrian market Jammer on the board. Likewise, the use of these devices is prohibited. In addition to an administrative fine of up to 36,336 euros, the telecommunications authorities can also seize these devices. Disturbing in school: the principal emphasized how does it work technically? It's actually very simple: the portable jammer sends the RF signal to the receiving area of ​​the phone. The unfortunate situation is closer than that of the next tower, and it doesn't even need a lot of energy to disturb the phone. Suffering? What does this mean for wireless alarm systems?

Last year, the government warned the United Kingdom that if a major GPS malfunction occurs, one billion pounds will be lost every day. In 2016, the decommissioning of American satellites caused errors in the GPS network, which affected certain industries in the UK. However, the report said that one of the biggest threats is increased interference to GNSS signals caused by "jamming" and "identity theft." "In the past 15 years, portable GNSS jammer systems have been greatly developed: from military areas to criminal groups to criminal groups, so that people are now hunting jammers and being detained by ordinary civilians. Protect yourself from Daily life violations.” Emergency services have two main GNSS applications, which use data from the caller’s phone to locate emergency situations. And navigate quickly and successfully.