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How to choose the antenna type for police signal jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/08/02

  But jamming remains strictly illegal for state and local agencies. Federal officials barely acknowledge that they use it inside the United States, and the few federal agencies that can jam signals usually must seek a legal waiver first.

  The quest to expand the technology has invigorated a debate about how widely jamming should be allowed and whether its value as a common crime-fighting strategy outweighs its downsides, including restricting the constant access to the airwaves that Americans have come to expect.

  Police signal jammers are mainly used as auxiliary equipment for law enforcement agencies to handle some special tasks. For example, police jammers will be used for gathering group activities, temporary communication control, arresting suspects, controlling public opinion, preventing remote-controlled bombs, and safety of dignitaries.

  Some federal agencies, including the FBI and Secret Service, have standing authority to use jammer gps devices, or can request immunity from the Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration if they face an imminent threat.

  In the past, jammers have been approved for major events, from State of the Union addresses to visits by certain foreign dignitaries.

  Police signal jammers are generally portable and can be designed as a tow box or backpack. Generally, police jammers are equipped with omnidirectional antennas. The advantages of police signal jammer equipped with omnidirectional antenna are as follows:

  1. Easy to carry. An omnidirectional antenna is basically a fiberglass enclosure. When carrying, just put the antenna in the storage bag. It is best to use a dedicated air box for the antenna, which occupies a small space and does not need to worry about bumping.

  2. Quick disassembly. When the police arrive at the mission site, they only need to connect the frequency band of the omnidirectional antenna to the frequency band interface of the police jammer, and then the omnidirectional antenna can be tightened. Disassembly is also very convenient. The antenna can be placed in the storage bag. It is especially suitable for application scenarios where the police handle the above tasks.

  And if the police jammer chooses to be equipped with a directional antenna, it is too inconvenient. Directional antennas are bulky, inconvenient to carry, and take up a lot of space. Not only to carry the directional antenna, but also to carry the mounting bracket for the directional antenna, which is also a problem of storage.

  And when dismantling, you need to install the directional antenna on the antenna bracket first, and then connect the alarm frequency interference host through the feeder. When the police are dealing with the above tasks, the preparation time is relatively long and the operation is relatively cumbersome. Therefore, directional antennas are not suitable for police use when dealing with outdoor tasks.

  Directional antennas are suitable for use in some fixed places. Just set up the antenna and adjust the coverage angle before installing the device and antenna. Tighten the feeder connection between the antenna and the device host, and it can be used normally.