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Schools use cell phone jammers to maintain order

Perfectjammer 2020-08-22

Now that the technology is more and more developed, the penetration rate of smart phones is also getting higher and higher. You can see those who are using mobile phones and answering calls. However, not everyone obeys the rules for using mobile phones. Some mobile phone users are gradually destroying normal orders. Therefore, in some cases, we must use mobile phone signal jammers to maintain order. Mobile phone signal jammers are used to prevent mobile phones and base stations from receiving and transmitting signals. They ban mobile phones in defined and designated regulated areas. Mobile phone signal jammers can be used almost anywhere, but they must be used in places like libraries, hospitals, schools, cinemas, etc. to keep silent. In recent years, some companies and educational institutions have also been the main buyers of such products.

cell phone jammers maintain order

Jammers in schools and classrooms

Many teachers are tired of trying to prevent students from sending text messages in class and want to know how to stop using their mobile phones in class. Students ignore lectures when browsing social networks. Some people will send texts and even conduct research online in order to cheat on exams. In the old days, distractions in class were limited to seeing things outside the window (SQUIRREL!), passing folded notes, or diving into comic books. Now, students can do all these and 1,000 other things on one screen. How can teachers of any quality compete with YouTube, Snapchat, Trivia Crack and even PornHub? Setting a filter on the local school’s Wi-Fi network does not mean squatting on a child whose mom and dad’s family plan data is unlimited. Let's face it, there are many places where limited GSM portable jammer can be provided.

In the workplace mobile phone interference device

There is no doubt that in most offices, email and the Internet are absolute necessities. But what about cell phones? According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, only 24% of full-time or part-time workers list batteries or smartphones as "very important" to get the job done. In other studies, 50% of bosses believe that mobile phones are negative for workplace productivity.