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Jammers have a serious impact on public safety facilities

Perfectjammer 2020-06-08

This week, a jammer blocked the operator’s 3G service in Guyney (Sena Saint Denis). This interference interfered with public health facilities specialized in mental health and caused inconvenience to many people. The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) has released a survey it conducted. After the box malfunctioned, the jammer encountered a 3G cellular antenna.

On March 30, the operator reported one of the relay antennas to ANFR. In this 3G antenna area, operators provide mental health facilities for public health in the city of Evrad. The next day, two ANFR agents were sent to the site: they found that they used a cell phone portable jammer that they prohibited. The source comes from a building with 4 apartments and 1 business room.

jammers impact safety facilities

With the consent of the manager, the investigators entered the premises and found no jammers. Then they turned to individuals. However, since investigators were unable to benefit from the privilege of analyzing private spaces, they decided to challenge residents by withdrawing the "Interferer Ban" (fines of 450 euros). A few minutes after the intercom, the fault disappeared.