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What problems can portable jammers help us solve?

Perfectjammer 2020-06-08

If Android and iPhone smartphones have built-in compasses, we know that by applying our expertise in digital signal processing, we can develop innovative positioning solutions. "To date, companies must install Wi-Fi networks or wireless Bluetooth beacons in their buildings to provide geographic location services." However, our software allows mobile applications to easily determine which mobile phone users in the building are using our smartphones. The above systems use their own system Earth's infrastructure-the Earth's magnetic field, but this undoubtedly exposes our information to the public, but the portable jammer that appeared recently have solved this problem very well. Many large companies have The jammer is installed to avoid being located in real time.

problems portable jammers solve

What can I add? You cannot stop this type of tracking because it does not affect the earth’s magnetic field and the internal tracking system does not use wireless signals to work. If this Finnish solution is implemented on site, a new type of indoor monitoring may be displayed. It is located in every building, allowing us to track our location without using a smartphone application. You can do nothing. The only thing you can do is avoid using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference signals (such as Walkbase and Qubulus) for current location positioning solutions. To this end, you can use a portable jammer for indoor tracking and protect your privacy until magnetic tracking technology has not been implemented worldwide.