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Mobile phones have become children’s mental drugs

Perfectjammer 2020-07-28

With the popularity of smart phones, more and more children are beginning to enjoy mobile messaging and various forms of social fun. This is a national and international issue. Children use crutches like adults. And it seems that nothing can stop them. Liptak thought he was just trying to stop her. As WTSP-TV reported, he used a signal portable jammer and suddenly the classroom was silent. Well, relatively peaceful. Can students use mobile phones in the classroom? Some parents may think that children need to use mobile phones to deal with possible dangerous situations.

But how can schools calm down the use of mobile phones? A principal in Philadelphia recently tried to explain to parents that their school just took the phone from children who would never stop using it and would keep it for a few weeks. The parents were not impressed. Some people think that they need to be taught respect only when they learn not to use the phone in class. But when they see their parents using them for food, walking on the street or even driving, what should the children think?

become children mental drugs

Should teachers use cell phone blockers? This is the answer on the Internet:

Yes, I think it should be. Yes... hard work. I feel sorry for that guy. These days, what will happen to the students who opened the school, and what difficulties those parents who do not confirm the school’s work will encounter, which brings great difficulties to the school. If their children are really fools, these people will soon be blamed. Mobile phones/PDAs have become drugs for many children. They are addicted to them because their brains have been programmed with large cellular vectors similar to drug dealers. Now I know that there are still many good kids who follow the rules. But for a lady who serves as an HS guide, some things I heard...Use a mobile phone/PDA to cheat, take pictures of girls, and then send the pictures to everyone to take them within a few minutes. , They had sex somewhere in school as a joke or texting back and forth to their friends all day long, they just saw it at lunch. They are a big problem, distracting, and kids know how to behave. (Please consider whether you are in HS). The only way to ensure that a paper jam is not a problem is to jam. Solved the whole problem. The only problem I encountered in an emergency was that I didn't care about the cell company that had airspace. We can see that most people support the use of painful teachers. Mobile phone jammers will block most types of signals, effectively preventing students from cheating and using mobile phones in class. Therefore, reasonable use of jammers is not a bad thing.