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wifi jammer protects the security of the network

Perfectjammer 2021-03-20

Wifi network is an important network signal in the Internet era. It is an important medium for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers to access the Internet. With the development of technology, wifi networks have also brought a lot of trouble. Among them, 8 antennas can be handheld wifi jammer that can interfere with 8 antennas. Frequency at the same time. It can not only block GSM 3G 4G 4G phone frequencies, but also interfere with GPS WiFi and LoJack. Blocking the phone signal and avoiding the use of GPS or LoJack tracking devices is your ideal choice. It also has strong power and good heat dissipation effect.

Although the problem of wifi's popularity cannot be solved well, the problem of wifi's security has not been solved well. This is an important issue that plagues our safety. In the current wifi encryption method, our information is not well protected, so it is the choice of most people to use a portable wifi jammer to further protect the security of the wifi network and intercept the wifi signal. Even with the introduction of new wifi encryption, is it safe?

The wifi jammer can prevent hackers from brute-forcing the password. For hacker attacks, the "WiFi Alliance" indicates that WPA3 can directly lock the number of cracking attempts. The security problem of wifi network has always existed all over the world. The wifi encryption method is also gradually improving, and hackers will crack the new technology. Wifi encryption and three security modes.

Encryption standards are more demanding. A set of 192 security suites, compatible with the National Commercial Security Algorithm (CNSA) of the National Security Council, will further protect wireless networks with higher security requirements, such as government, defense and industrial networks. A new encryption method is proposed, but there is no application, so the wifi security problem still has no further solution. Even a new encryption method may be broken by hackers. It is only a matter of time. In order to truly protect the wifi security, using a portable wifi jammer is still a simple and effective solution for most people.