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Navigation and guidance systems may be disrupted by GPS interference

Perfectjammer 2022/08/25

  GPS signal jammers can suppress relatively weak GPS signals. The U.S. Department of Defense has long acknowledged that its navigation and guidance systems could be disrupted by jamming, either by installing weapons and vehicles with backup guidance systems or allowing the military to use old-fashioned methods when GPS is blocked.

Navigation and guidance systems may be disrupted by GPS interference

  Jammers can also prevent remote-controlled bombs. In 2007, Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto survived after a bus jammer prevented a remote-controlled bomb from detonating.

  During the Iraq War, Iraqis used GPS jammers to jam GPS navigation data and blind U.S. cruise missiles and bombers. During the dust storm, the Americans relied on GPS and airborne surveillance radar, but the Iraqis were actually using GPS jammers, forcing the Americans to shut down this strategic tool.

  The purpose of the device is to block GPS and control frequencies. This hinders the ability to operate manually and autonomously.

  GPS jammers are designed for area and asset protection against satellite-based threats such as GPS-guided missiles. It can also be used against low-flying drones to prevent reconnaissance of key locations. Portable jammers can be effectively used in combat situations to neutralize satellite-guided weapon systems, missiles, and ground/air threats. It is designed to work with all satellite navigation systems available now or in the near future. Different power levels provide a protection range from 30Km to 150Km, depending on the jammer power and assumed coverage.