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Cell Phone Jammer Detection App

Perfectjammer 2021/07/18

The high-performance mobile phone signal jammer is designed to simultaneously intercept CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G signals. Due to the use of four antennas, the interference radius can reach 30m. It is actually designed to be very strong based on the signal strength of a particular area. Meet the needs of the crowd. In addition, omnidirectional antennas are used for 3G Cell Phone Jammer Detection App . With a good cooling system and power supply via an AC adapter, it can work for 24 hours. Don't worry that such a high-performance 3G adjustable phone lock will heat up during use. With this powerful new version of the 3G wireless phone with adjustable buttons, users may really need frequency interference and distance determination interference, which is very convenient. More importantly, owners can also use this tunable 3G cell phone jammer. The adjustable frequency suppressor of this home 3G mobile phone with car charger is also very convenient.

Mobile phone jammers can be divided into fixed and portable. Portable devices can be used during negotiations, in the office or outdoors, in a car (your or other people's), on the street, on a table in a cafe, etc. These devices are small, light, and easy to hide in a secret chest pocket. Cell Phone Jammer Detection App ’S battery power is not very large, it can only dive 5 to 15 meters, but it is actually enough. In contrast, fixed silencers are larger in size, consume more energy, and are more efficient. Therefore, the pressing radius reached 150 meters. Grid power supply. Fixed equipment is used in private houses, offices,