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Perfectjammer 2020-10-13

The Minister of National Education has just rejected an agent’s proposal, who advised him to install cell phone jammer in schools. why? Vincent Peillon believes that because this would violate the "Postal and Electronic Communications Code." UMP deputy Philippe Meunier expressed regret in a parliamentary question issued in September last year: "Mobile phones may be abused by students." The elected representative then explained his reasoning to the Minister of Education Vincent Peillon: "Except Frequently mentioned problems (except for the problem of sending and receiving text messages and calling excessively during class, extortion issues), they can also cheat in exams, take photos during the course and immediately distribute them on social networks, and surf the Internet uncontrollably. ..". According to him, this diagnosis needs to be "necessary": the installation of a GSM waveform jammer is to prevent the mobile phone from being picked up at school. Without the network, there is no communication, for any purpose. Philippe Meunier believed that teachers could “declare that they would receive the same respect from audiences or actors in entertainment venues and benefit from it” and asked Vincent Payon if it was possible to “authorize the device to make signals Jammers. In school, like in theaters and cinemas."

It has a cooling fan, so the operating temperature will not be very high. If possible, it can work no matter in hot summer or cold winter. In short, it is indeed a perfect cell phone jammer no matter what the function, price and quality are. Are you attracted? If you are looking for such a jamming device, please do not hesitate to take action now and add this perfect portable jammer to your shopping cart. If you want them to become an important interferer to enjoy the performance, you must consider the type that suits you, because you must consider the interference distance, interference frequency and many other aspects. You need a desktop or a laptop, etc., and then you can make the best and wise choice.

Can you imagine that the students visiting the museum are at the most important stage in their lives, but don't know why they are here? Looking around the knowledge and beauty of the museum, they can understand the meaning of all this well. A long history, magnificent art and knowledge of the ocean can make someone fall in love. Everything is harmonious. Suddenly, the annoying guy takes out his cell phone and shouts, no matter how others feel, what will happen to stop? Fight with him? If there is a mobile jammer installed there, then there is no good choice. no problem. This is a world of interference. Place the kit now