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Wifi signal jammer will be accepted by more and more people in daily life and work.

Perfectjammer 2022/07/02

wifi jammer is also particularly useful in such conditions when Some business people or the one who may be often disturbed by a messy affection from an annoying lover has the trouble of being recorded a video. The coming of a wifi jammer can be of great help and enable you to concentrate on your key points and stay away from those noise.

WIFI jammer has been designed to cut off wireless LAN networks in a radius of 5 to 100 meters, Wifi signal jammer kit will be accepted by more and more people in daily life and work !

Wifi signal jammer, This kind of device can transmit white noise signal in WIFI frequencies, 2400-2500MHz, and cut-off all Wireless network. Even the Bluetooth communication will be cut off when WLJ100 take action. This unit helps to prevent from unauthorized person to “leak” out confidential information.

cell phone jammer

With a size of no larger than the cigarette packet, the wifi jammer is in reality as well in name a portable signal blocker. You can put it into your pocket or briefcase in a totally inconspicuous way. Moreover, our factory WIFI signal jammer has in-built rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and comes complete with the charging adaptor to facilitate usage which is dual voltage for 110/240v.

Of course, if you want to get a high power desktop cell phone signal jammer, the jamming range can reach to 20-100 meters, and it can meet your demand completely.

Just stop here you may have understood that why now more and more people like using the mobile phone jammer and more information is just here for you.


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