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A powerful jammer can block all kinds of signals

Perfectjammer 2020-07-20

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines)-Prisoners of the National Criminal Law System can continue their illegal mobile phone transactions. In order to prevent residents from communicating with the outside world, the authorities are now using two high-performance signal jammers for military purposes. Both units will be used in Building 14 of the new Billy Bed Prison (NBP), where high-level drug addicts were arrested and separated from ordinary people.

The first jammer was installed in the storage area of ​​the facility on Tuesday. The second jammer is likely to be installed on the watchtower of the facility. The portable jammer is enclosed in a steel casing. This prevents anyone (including NBP personnel) from tampering with the switch or socket installed under the equipment. The keys will be given to the Minister of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre for safekeeping. Enan Orceo, the Attorney General of the Department of Justice, said they hope this pain can help minimize illegal transactions for the timid.

"We hope that Kung Hindi men with mobile phones can completely eliminate all Ma Eradicate Yung transactions and prevent Kasi Ang technology from using nagbabago every day. Tomorrow Baka yung 4G ngayon Hindi and 4G," he said. We hope that if we cannot completely eliminate the interference, the jammer can minimize and prevent cell phone transactions. Technology is evolving every day. Today's 4G may not be 4G.

Military signal jammers can intercept cellular signals within a 20-meter radius. Two of them can cover the entire area of ​​1,200 buildings with an area of ​​1,200 square meters. The powerful jammers made in South Korea can block various signals, including GPS, 3G, 4G, WiFi and radio frequencies. It is said that the unit of 2 million pounds was donated by supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte. In addition to Billy Bed 14, the Ministry of Justice also hopes to install troublemakers in the largest building in the prison, where 16,000 prisoners are detained. Duterte said earlier that he plans to bring more cell phone interference into criminal facilities.