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Dangerous devices that track, eavesdrop and collect your specific data

Perfectjammer 2022/09/06

  A common complaint we hear every day is that privacy is destroyed and we have nothing to hide from other people and spy organizations. For example, the National Directorate of Security. This is why we have decided to provide various interference devices (mobile phone jammers) that protect your privacy and do not harm others at the interference shopping center. First of all, what you all know is that the radio blocking device may become a weapon in the hands of the bad guys, so please be careful.

Dangerous devices that track, eavesdrop and collect your specific data

  We start with the dangerous devices used to track, eavesdrop on and collect your specific data. For example, login passwords, GPS jammers, emails, and other well-known dangerous devices like smartphones. Regardless of the manufacturer, the mobile phone operating system is still running. Modern smartphones are dangerous. In short, this smartphone records all of our personal data. For example, (GPS interference, personal information, registered account, friend's phone number)

  I believe this is why hackers are looking for new ways to access your phone. If the Secret Service report is true, the NSA can monitor your phone. (This is the equipment that requires a portable radio interceptor.)) It is the easiest and quickest approach to acquiring large amounts of data, but it is also the most dangerous. But there's nothing you can do about it. There is no way to protect the data on your phone from viruses, firewalls, etc. In addition to using such a small function of encryption.

  Also, all the encryption processes are quite complex and most people can't use them. Here are two options, maybe something to help you hide your information. One is to operate a GSM or mobile internet jammer (that is, a mobile phone radio controller). Within a short period of time, it can help you hide your information, but during this period your phone will be temporarily unable to make or receive calls. Another way is to avoid storing private and valuable information on portable gadgets, smartphones, or tablet PCs.Both methods can reduce the functionality of the device, but absolutely prevent data leakage.

  The next thing you should worry about is your wireless network. they are unreliable Most smartphone users connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots in public places and use this not only to surf the Internet but also to update and process banking information. This is pretty dangerous. Android users in particular. Android operating system is a weak version of SSL encryption using the RC4 algorithm, so it is not SHA1. If you have a WIFI Jammer, you should be fine.

  Many people now put their personal information in danger. They communicate and share information through social networks, smartphones, and the Internet. That's why we always worry about our privacy and security. If we do not adopt some security measures, we will not be able to protect their privacy. Protecting your personal information is easy, but one day it could save your life!

  While convenience has improved due to the rapid spread of communication devices such as mobile phones and PHS, in spaces such as theaters and halls where a quiet atmosphere is required, noise from communication devices and calls has become a social problem. Increase. In a hall, the concert of a famous conductor was even canceled. For this reason, theater operators strongly demand that effective countermeasures be formulated.

  Therefore, there is a motion to prevent interference due to a ringing sound or the like. by using wireless equipment (mobile phone suppression device) that has a function to suppress ringing sounds and calls from mobile phones.

  A communication function deterrent for mobile phones and the like. Are devices that prohibit the use of mobile phones, etc. in the vicinity where the device is installed by emitting radio waves in the same frequency band used by mobile phones and PHS.

  When this mobile phone deterrent device is installed, the mobile phone, etc. You will be out of range and you will not be able to make or receive calls.

  Recently, there was a campaign to apply this device to prevent bank transfer fraud. In bank transfer fraud, criminals often direct victims to use ATMs.Criminals use mobile phones and remote control automated teller machines to send fraudulent instructions to their victims. Therefore, blocking calls around the ATM is likely to lead to crime prevention.