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Mobile Phone Jammer Cuts Off The Internet To Obtain Electronic Communication Services

Burke Dan Nov 26, 2020 10:30

Decline in production, reduced turnover, slow activity... The government decided to temporarily cut the Internet during the bachelor's degree exam, which severely hit companies in various industries, including loss of income. ICT expert Younès Grar was shocked by this transaction, which amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. "It is irresponsible to block the entire country due to bachelor's degree exams because we know that this decision has severely affected the national economy. We are not the only country in the world that organizes bac. We can learn from the experience of other countries in the region. There are others. Technical solutions, including cell phone jammer and formulas to ensure the smooth progress of the exam without having to choose the Internet cut-off procedure," exclaimed Younès Grar, a former consultant of the Ministry of Posts and ICT. Through the phone.

For the fifth consecutive year, the authorities have decided to cut off the Internet during the bac exam and use cell phone jammers to prevent fraud and subject leakage. Social networks-including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp-are inaccessible, and the Internet has been destroyed nationwide. However, apart from Ooredoo, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Algerian Telecommunications Company and mobile phone operators did not convey any information.

The latter issued a vague press release the day before yesterday, in which he announced that he had “re-established” the network “after the interruption”. He never mentioned internet cuts related to ferries. For all operators, the exact time when fixed and mobile Internet networks are unavailable has not been disclosed. "There is an urgent need to review the way the bac exam is designed. We can't imagine them in the same pattern as in the 1970s, we must also use cell phone jammers to review the management of the bac.

It is incredible that by 2020, we will continue to print themes in Algiers and then transport them by plane to the test center in the south, with electronic facilities. The Minister of National Education will launch an extensive public debate to prepare for the next bac meeting. For ICT experts, the Internet cuts made during the bac exam cost the national economy approximately US$1 billion, which has been severely affected by Covid-19. A study conducted by a foreign consulting company estimated the loss to be US$50 million per hour, or US$400 million per day, or US$2 billion per week.

Based on this forecast, I think Algeria has lost approximately one billion dollars. This invoice will be paid.” He said that in the case of fixed and mobile phone operators, the closure of the Internet cost subscribers 150 million U.S. dollars. Younès Grar based on the average number of Algeria’s 30 million mobile and fixed phone subscribers and estimated per person per day Subscriber consumption of 100 DA ($1) is used to calculate this financial loss.

In the field of e-commerce, the company's activities and financial losses have dropped significantly. "There are companies like Yassir and Jumia that only work with the Internet. When the Internet is interrupted, their turnover drops sharply. If these companies sue Algerian Telecom, Mobilis, Djezzy or Ooredoo in a country that normally abides by the law, they will win the case. .

In addition to e-commerce companies, other companies across industries, including travel agencies, auto dealerships and banks, have also suffered financial losses. Younès Grar regrets the attitude of mobile phone and fixed-line phone operators to internet interruption and refusing to compensate customers. "The operator does not even intend to communicate with subscribers and apologize to them. As in previous years, telephone operators will not issue refunds. When pressure is applied, some operators will provide additional subscription days. However, they have to reimburse the people. Lawyer Abdellah Haboul estimates: "The use of cell phone jammers to cut off the Internet and deprive millions of Algerians of electronic communication services is a violation of No. 18-04 on postal and electronic communications. Articles 4 and 7 of the law". In 2019, Netblocks, a non-governmental organization fighting against Internet censorship and surveillance on a global scale, disclosed that the Internet interruption during the bac period caused Algeria to suffer financial losses of approximately US$250 million, which is more than 30 billion dinars.