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Amponsah David 2021-11-07

The 2013 National Postgraduate Entrance Exam will start today. The main subjects for the postgraduate entrance examinations such as foreign language and professional courses will be conducted today and tomorrow, and more than 3 hours of examination subjects will be conducted on January 7. In order to strengthen the test safety, this year's test has many reforms: not only the newly added two subject test questions are changed to one question and multiple papers, all public classes are realized by computer scoring, and Cell Phone Fine Internet Blocked will cover the entire examination room to prevent high-tech cheating. It should also be noted that candidates must hold a second-generation ID card to take the exam. The reporter was informed that in 2013, the number of candidates applying for Beijing admissions units nationwide was 271,238, an increase of 1,683 over last year, an increase of 0.6%. It is understood that the reforms of the postgraduate entrance examination this year include: following the introduction of one question and multiple papers in the 2012 "English II" and "Management Joint Test Comprehensive Ability", this year the addition of "English One" and "Political Theory" with one question and multiple volumes. Candidates must remove the "test question barcode" from the test paper and paste it to the corresponding position on the answer sheet so that the machine can identify the type of test paper; cell phone jammer

Cell Phone Fine Internet Blocked The entire examination room will be covered, and high-tech cheating will be eliminated; all public classes will use answer sheets and computer scoring; the second-generation ID card registration and examination system will be strictly implemented. The reporter also learned from Tsinghua University that a total of 13,139 candidates applied for Tsinghua's master's degree this year, of which 6,093 took the exam at the Tsinghua test center. Among the various departments of Tsinghua University, the law school, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Fine Arts, the Wudaokou School of Finance, the School of Public Administration, and the Department of Computer Science and Technology have relatively large numbers of applicants. In order to take the discipline test seriously, Tsinghua has also stepped up its efforts to prevent cheating in the test and high-tech this year. On the one hand, candidates and invigilators are strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones and other communication tools into the examination room. On the other hand, they make full use of mobile phone signal jammers, ID card identifiers, wireless headset jammers and other equipment to prevent and screen, and align the test documents with their identity on the spot Candidates in question collect photos.