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Holder Card 2021-10-21

With the end of the English test bell at 5 pm on the 8th, "the hammer fell". Although the test scores of candidates are mixed, there is one point that everyone agrees. This year's college entrance examination is well organized. Five measures have effectively prevented cheating in the college entrance examination and fully demonstrated the fairness of the national entrance examination. Two volumes A and B are anti-plagiarism. This year, the college entrance examination room still distributes two types of test papers A and B. Candidates are divided into seats A and B, arranged in a plum blossom pattern, and they are answered separately to do their own seat type test papers. Any candidate does not have the same test paper next to each other, which effectively prevents Plagiarism among candidates in the examination room. Metal detectors detect cheating appliances. Before each exam begins, every candidate must accept the safety inspection of a metal detector, and all kinds of cheating devices are kept out of the exam room, which effectively prevents cheating by using communication tools in the exam room and inside and outside the exam room. Use communication information Cell Phone Location Scrambler . Each examination room and examination room office are equipped with electronic signal jammers to shield all kinds of communication information inside and outside the examination room, so that the appearance of the examination room becomes a communication information vacuum, which effectively prevents candidates from cheating by using communication information transmission. cell phone jammer

Uniform distribution of test stationery. Starting from last year’s college entrance examination, all test takers will use the test stationery uniformly distributed by the test center to prevent them from using the test stationery and bringing all kinds of cheating stationery into the examination room. Multi-mechanism serial supervision. A four-level supervision mechanism has been set up for the examiner-floor coordinator-invigilator teacher-candidates, namely: the examiner stares at the floor coordinator, the floor coordinator stares at the invigilator teacher, the invigilator stares at the test taker, and the test taker stares at the test taker. : Up and down monitoring, mutual monitoring, group defense and group control, no opportunity for anyone who attempts to cheat. The author learned from inside and outside the Xingshan No. 1 High School Examination Center that the vast majority of candidates and parents expressed their heartfelt support for this move, and said with deep feeling: This year's college entrance examination has been organized strictly and increased prevention Cell Phone Location Scrambler Cheating, although severe, but fair and just . It fully embodies social justice and the dignity of national examinations. Although not everyone can be admitted to university, as long as it is fair competition, we can accept it, the heart is balanced, and the society is harmonious and beautiful.