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Can Wifi Jammers Prevent Hackers From Attacking Our Personal Data?

Nguyen Randy Nov 13, 2020 10:30

Hi, I'm really worried about my government's growing spy ambitions. That's why I want to know. This is news about their inquiries from Microsoft, Google and other media

Those SD cards with Wi-Fi capabilities are very popular because they provide a wide range of opportunities for quickly sharing any type of content. In fact, Transcend Wi-Fi SD card is not a simple memory card, but a Linux-based server that can maintain its own wireless network. But this is really fragile. First, the Wi-Fi network itself is indeed vulnerable to various hackers and attacks.

It is wise to avoid storing personal data here, because perfectjammer.com always advises our users to avoid using wireless devices and never store personal information here. Using Wi-Fi security vulnerabilities, evildoer can access the SD card as root, and view, copy, delete and even modify the data stored in it. The problem is that he can also run executable files and commands, so the infection may go further. To stop it-use wifi jammer devices. It will kill all wireless networks and your data will be safe.