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Whole Foods Blocks Cell Phone Reception

Dugalic Demal 2021-11-17

Ms. Wang, a citizen of Nanjing, ran into a strange thing while taking a taxi. She set off from near Nanjing Railway Station and took a taxi to Lukou International Airport. The driver charged 250 yuan for the fare. Not only is the fare expensive, there is no signal on the mobile phone when getting on the bus, and the invoice information is not complete, which made Ms. Wang particularly puzzled. Fortunately, she kept her eyes on her, took a photo of the number plate of the taxi, and reported this series of encounters to the Nanjing Transportation Department. Investigation by law enforcement officers found that there was no taxi with the brand name Su A91621 in Nanjing. As a result, they found a number of taxis similar to Su A91621 in the Nanjing Taxi Information Database and compared them one by one. "We collected operational data, looked at the cars that often depart from the taxi waiting platform of Nanjing Railway Station, and then compared and analyzed three suspected vehicles." The law enforcement officer told reporters and sent the driver's photo to Wang. Ladies compare. At a glance, she discovered that Yang, the taxi driver with the brand name Su A91xxx, was the driver of the day. After many days of control, law enforcement officers stopped the Su A91xxx taxi that was soliciting passengers near Nanjing Railway Station for inspection. This Nanjing Agricultural Reclamation Company’s taxi has complete facilities and looks like a regular taxi. However, law enforcement officers carefully checked and found multiple "Whole Foods Blocks Cell Phone Reception"s one after another.

A Whole Foods cellphone jammer Reception was seized near the driving position. Once the machine was turned on, the mobile phone map, navigation and other software could not be used normally; the driver also installed a meter cheat device, so Ms. Wang felt that the meter jumped very fast. In addition, in order to avoid investigation, the driver has repeatedly used vehicle number plate stickers to randomly forge the number plate. It seems that the driver has done his best, and it is really "well-intentioned". Take the passenger Ms. Wang as an example. She was given layers of routines and paid more than 80 yuan for the fare. According to the driver, Yang, all the facilities were purchased online. Among them, the meter cheat device spent more than 200 yuan, and Yang earned more than 2,000 yuan in illegal income. The taxi was suspended for 7 days and the driver was fined 2,700 yuan. At present, the transportation department has verified 3 cases involving Yang's illegal use of the meter. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Nanjing Municipal Public Passenger Transport Regulations", Yang has been fined a total of 2,700 yuan according to the upper limit, and service points have been deducted. The reporter also learned from the taxi company to which Yang belongs, because Yang’s behavior has caused a bad impact on the company and the industry, according to the contract, he was ordered to suspend operations for 7 days. In addition, the company will impose an internal fine on Yang. If he does not obey the company's handling, it will not rule out the possibility of rescinding the labor contract with him.