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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

Smart Call Blocker For Cell Phones

Holmes Mark 2021-11-24

In theaters, concert halls, movie theaters and other places, if the mobile phone rings during the performance, it may interfere with the audience watching performances, performances, movies, etc., causing discomfort or hindering performance progress. There are also mobile phone calls in the hall. Super Smart Call Blocker For Cell Phones Use 12V 5A power supply, so it has enough power to make the machine work 365 days a year. The power adapter makes the device work stably for a long time. Due to the advanced heat dissipation technology, even if the equipment works for a long time, it will not generate a lot of heat. I have been in good working condition. cell phone jammer

The maximum cut-off range of the model with the strongest mobile phone interference is about 15~50m "12 antennas" The annoying PHS and smart phones are not in the service area, each volume switch can be turned on/off individually, and each interference output can be adjusted from 0 to maximum Output can. In addition, each volume switch can be used to block only 3G radio waves, only 4G radio waves, and block 3G radio waves/4G radio waves at the same time. Smart Call Blocker For Cell Phones , Distributor of jammers, with strict quality and supreme reputation, high-performance mobile phone wireless remote control device is a high-tech product developed by introducing foreign advanced technology according to the actual situation of foreign mobile communications.