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Hideout Block Pittore Cell Phone

Curry Mildred 2022-01-03

With the application of network technology in education, more and more schools are beginning to use mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices for classroom teaching. If schools can choose a specific time Hideout Block Pittore Cell Phone to shield the mobile phone signal, then normal teaching order can be ensured, but also It can prevent students from excessively playing with mobile phones, which is a guide for students to use mobile phones correctly, which is conducive to students' concentration on learning, and the positive effects of mobile phones are played. Many students will relieve their stress by surfing the Internet or playing games after finishing a day of study. It has to be said that proper relaxation is indeed conducive to the improvement of learning efficiency, but if you "forget about sleeping and eating" indulging in the Internet, it will cause the opposite If you delay your studies, your health may also be affected. The school shields the signal, cell phone jammer helps to prevent students from staying up late to play games, to ensure students' normal rest time, and to help them form good living habits.

There are also some netizens who hold different views. Some people think that for those students who are addicted to mobile games, even if there is no internet, they can download the game and play offline, or read novels. Therefore, some netizens believe that if the school adopts Hideout Block Pittore Cell Phone mandatory measures to prevent students from playing with mobile phones, it will only “treat the symptoms but not the root cause” and will not fundamentally solve this problem. School blocking signals not only prevents students from accessing the Internet, but also cuts off the channels for text messages and calls. Many people worry that the school blocks mobile phone signals at night. What should students do if they encounter an emergency? If there is no way to call in time to contact the outside world, it may delay the precious rescue time. Many netizens believe that this approach violates the management thinking of "one key to open the other lock", because individual students indulge in mobile phones uncontrollably, and adopting such restrictive measures on all students can easily "overturn one boatman with one stroke". ". Although this method may allow students to change their bad behaviors in the short term, it is not a long-term solution. On the contrary, it is easy for students to feel disgusted.